Homeowners insurance in Connecticut may be banned from dog discrimination

Dog liability homeowners insurance

A lawmaker is seeking to make it illegal for insurers to inquire about the breed of a policyholder’s dog. A Connecticut lawmaker is now moving forward in an effort to ban homeowners insurance companies from being able to ask about or discriminate against the breed of a policyholder’s dog, when they are issuing coverage within that state. Republican Rep. Brenda Kupchick is trying to make it easier for certain dog owners to obtain coverage. Kupchick, of Fairfiel, Connecticut, has stated that her constituents have found it challenging to the point…

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Liability insurance may be required for Pit Bull owners in Tennessee

Pit Bull Liability Insurance

Dog owners in the state may soon have to purchase additional coverage for certain breeds. Tennessee Pit Bull owners are paying close attention to a new bill that has been proposed in the state, in which the State House committee is considering making liability insurance a requirement. This particular breed has a bad reputation for aggression, despite the fact that many owners have perfectly gentle pets. Many people believe that because some Pit Bulls have been associated with violent acts, it makes perfect sense that their owners should have to…

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Insurance news for California homeowners includes less pit bull coverage

homeowners insurance news pit bull dog liability

Farmers has announced that it will no longer be providing coverage to pit bull breed owners. Farmers in California has just announced its latest insurance news, that it will be dropping coverage for the owners of pit bull dogs, which follows with a trend that is increasing across the country with certain breeds. Owners of the breed have been expressing surprise and upset about the decision made by their insurer. Many owners feel that this insurance news makes assumptions about themselves and their pets that are unfair and unjust. The insurer has…

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New Mexico town requires “potentially dangerous” dog breed owners to take out $100,000 in insurance

Elephant Butte, a town in New Mexico is now requiring the owners of certain dog breeds – including Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds – to purchase a special form of liability insurance policy. Regardless of the training and past behavior of the animals, as of March 1, 2012, the dogs in those breeds were considered by the city to be potentially dangerous, and their owners had been given 90 days in which to take out a personal property liability policy, worth a minimum of $100,000, to cover them. Alan…

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New law in Arizona may allow insured dogs to walk off-leash

New legislation has been proposed in Arizona that would allow pet owners to walk their dogs off the leash assuming that those animals are adequately insured. Lawmakers in the state are debating whether or not to let people who have insured their pets forgo the current leash laws and homeowner association rules because the coverage will pay for any injuries that could occur as a result of the behavior. Senator Lori Klein (R-Anthem) created the proposed legislation that would negate the current county ordinances that say that dogs on public…

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