Insurance news for California homeowners includes less pit bull coverage

homeowners insurance news pit bull dog liability

insurance news pit bull dog liabilityFarmers has announced that it will no longer be providing coverage to pit bull breed owners.

Farmers in California has just announced its latest insurance news, that it will be dropping coverage for the owners of pit bull dogs, which follows with a trend that is increasing across the country with certain breeds.

Owners of the breed have been expressing surprise and upset about the decision made by their insurer.

Many owners feel that this insurance news makes assumptions about themselves and their pets that are unfair and unjust. The insurer has decided to make this coverage change in California for specific breeds of dog, not all pet owners. Among those that will no longer be covered under a homeowners liability policy include pit bulls, rottweilers, and wolf hybrids.

This insurance news means that liability coverage from homeowners policies will no longer cover those dogs.

Therefore if a dog attacks a person, scratches, bites them, otherwise injures them, or destroys or damages their belongings while on your property, then those homeowners will no longer be protected through their policies. This insurance news is not being welcomed by many customers in the state.

Some owners have countered the insurance news with statements about making assumptions about all members of a certain breed, regardless of the efforts that homeowners have made to ensure that they are entirely safe and friendly members of the family.

As of yet, Farmers has confirmed this insurance news and the change to the policy coverage, but they have yet to provide an explanation as to precisely why the change was made. They have pointed out that they are far from the first insurer to have stopped coverage for specific breeds of dogs such as those on their own list.

Homeowners policyholders are also complaining that their agents did not provide them with any warning regarding this insurance news, and that it is leaving them to scramble to try to find coverage through other insurers. There is also a growing concern that owners of these breeds may be forced to give up on their pets instead of having to switch coverage or pay higher prices through another insurer, even when those dogs have not shown any sign of doing anything wrong.

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