Life and disability insurance companies penalize women with postpartum depression

pregnant mothers postpartum depression disability insurance

As mental illness gains more awareness and people seek diagnosis and treatment, drawbacks are appearing. This year kicked off with the recommendation from a government-appointed panel that all new moms and pregnant women receive depression screenings, and while this move toward mental health care improved, drawbacks are being experienced by life and disability insurance customers. The move to help women to obtain assistance for maternal mental illness is being applauded as a much-needed step. Public health advocates have been very pleased that pregnant women and new moms will be better…

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Mental health insurance helps people to receive depression diagnoses

mental health insurance

People who have private coverage are more likely to receive a diagnosis of the condition than the uninsured. The results of the latest National Health and wellness Survey that was conducted by Kantar Health have now been released and they have revealed that when people have private mental health insurance coverage, they are more likely to receive a diagnosis of depression than is the case among people who have publicly assisted or provided plans. The survey showed that the difference in the diagnosis rate between these two groups is considerable.…

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