Disability insurance to cover new San Diego hires

Disability Insurance

The city has stated that it is likely to provide this coverage, as well as death policies to new workers. The mayor’s office in San Diego has revealed that the city will soon be issuing a proposal request in order to be able to obtain death and disability insurance that will be offered to its newly hired employees. It is expected that the request for the proposals will be made within the next few months. This change in the death and disability coverage for the workers hired by the city…

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Chartis to cancel 3,000 insurance policies for Australian soldiers in Afghanistan

Chartis Insurance, an international insurance group based in the U.S., has announced that it will be canceling the death and disability insurance policies of some 3,000 Australian soldiers serving in Afghanistan. The move is spurred by a shrinking insurance pool and a high rate of cancellations and payouts on claims. The company, which is a subsidiary of AIG, claims that the cancellations were necessary in order to continue providing benefits for holders of health policies. The problem, however, is that the Australian government is now left to handle the cost…

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