Toyota Auto Insurance launches with an option to opt-out of OEM parts

Toyota Auto Insurance - Toyota dealership sign

The automaker has started selling TAI in five states, with the intention of widening its availability. Toyota Auto Insurance (TAI) is now available to drivers in five states across the US, with assurances from the automaker’s coverage arm that its availability will become more widespread. The coverage is available to drivers of vehicles made by the automaker as well as other manufacturers. Toyota Auto Insurance can be purchased by drivers of vehicles made by that automaker. That said, it is also available to people driving cars made by other manufacturers…

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How You Can Lower Your Business Auto Insurance Costs

Having a higher insurance rate will begin to eat into your company’s profits. Even with costs on the rise, you can’t avoid the price of insurance, but you can take active measures to lower the cost of your fleet. The claims will often cause a substantial rise in the price of insurance, and reducing your accidents will prove the most effective way to keep your premiums lower. Maintain Ongoing Assessments Data, the invaluable assistant of every fleet manager, will provide you with accurate and relevant information to make expert risk…

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Is My Car Totaled if the Airbags Deploy?

When it comes to car insurance, there is a lot of incorrect information out there. From misunderstandings about how policy terms work to differences in state coverage options, many drivers aren’t clear about what is and is not true. Here’s one of the most common confusion points drivers have: is my car totaled if the airbags deploy? Airbag deployment does not always cause a car to be fully totaled, but that certainly can happen in some cases. The exact line where this happens is complicated. Today, learn more about what…

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Ways to Reduce Your Car Insurance

When it comes to owning a car, one of the biggest expenses that people inevitably find themselves dealing with is insurance. However, rather than simply paying the first price that you see, it is a much better idea if you look into ways of reducing the overall car insurance. Here we have compiled a few of the top ways of doing just this.  Shop Around for Different Quotes  The internet has provided an invaluable tool for shopping around for different car insurance quotes, so it certainly makes sense that you…

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Should I Decrease My Car Insurance Coverage While Working from Home?

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Now that so many of us are working from home, our daily commutes have been altered drastically. Once we may have been driving over an hour or more to and from work everyday, where now we only stop by the grocery store every week or so. Auto insurance is designed to reflect your current circumstances and cover you from the risks you face on your everyday commute. Well, that commute may not look the same as it once did.  Auto insurance is still an essential financial protection as it covers…

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