Obama Administration extends renewal opportunities for substandard health insurance policies

America's health insurance plan

Government continues to attempt to fix problems associated with cancelled insurance policies As the Obama Administration continues to face harsh criticism concerning health care reform, it is working to resolve the issues that are associated with the cancelation of health insurance policies. Many policies have been cancelled due to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The federal law requires insurers to cancel policies that are considered substandard. Cancellations have left many people throughout the country without insurance coverage and this has caused a great deal of frustration to be…

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CVS Caremark seeks to address issues concerning cancelled health insurance coverage

CVS health insurance

Cancelled policies could cause a problem for those on medication Many people throughout the U.S. have lost their health insurance coverage because of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. These policies were cancelled because they do not comply with the standards established by the federal law. While a significant portion of those that had substandard policies will be able to continue receiving coverage from these policies, insurers have opted not to revive policies that have already been cancelled. CVS Caremark has decided to address the issue for the sake…

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Cancelled policies in Nevada to stay cancelled

Nevada health insurance commissioner State Legislature Building

Health insurance policies in Nevada remain cancelled The Nevada Division of Insurance has announced that all health insurance policies that were cancelled due to the Affordable Care Act’s provisions cannot be renewed in the state. This decision came after consulting with the attorney general’s office and meeting with several executives from insurance companies operating in Nevada. The logistics involved with reversing cancellations, especially after notices had already been sent to policyholder, have been deemed too extreme to be viable. 25,000 consumers forced to find new policies Some 25,000 Nevadans have…

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