CVS Caremark seeks to address issues concerning cancelled health insurance coverage

CVS health insurance

Cancelled policies could cause a problem for those on medication

Many people throughout the U.S. have lost their health insurance coverage because of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. These policies were cancelled because they do not comply with the standards established by the federal law. While a significant portion of those that had substandard policies will be able to continue receiving coverage from these policies, insurers have opted not to revive policies that have already been cancelled. CVS Caremark has decided to address the issue for the sake of consumers.

CVS aims to mitigate disruption of medication

CVS health insuranceCVS Caremark has announced that it will work with patients that have had their health insurance policies cancelled by the Affordable Care Act. The company provides pharmaceutical service to millions of people throughout the country and has acknowledged that those without insurance coverage may be unable to affordable the services it provides. Medicine is notoriously expensive and CVS Caremark aims to help patients avoid any disruption in their medication because of a lapse in insurance coverage.

Company to provide information to patients concerning insurance options

While CVS Caremark will not be providing any financial assistance to patients itself, it will be working to assist patience in finding insurance coverage that is suitable for them. Pharmacy teams will be working to contact patients and connect them with health insurance exchanges and insurance navigators. These navigators are tasked specifically with providing consumers with assistance concerning their health insurance options.

Bridge medication supplies to be offered by CVS

In certain cases where patients are experiencing disruption of their medication, CVS Caremark will provide “bridge” medication that is meant to mitigate this disruption while patients find appropriate insurance coverage. A bridge supply of medication is enough to cover approximately 30 days of treatment. During this time, patients can take advantage of the services that CVS Caremark is offering concerning finding health insurance coverage.

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