California workers compensation insurance overhauled

California Insurance Commissioner rejects workers compensation rate hike for the third time

Governor signs workers compensation insurance legislation into law California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a legislation that will increase the disability insurance benefits workers receive if they are injured on the job. The legislation aims to provide workers with benefits more fitting to the rising costs of worker’s compensation insurance premiums. These premiums have been growing in California, largely due to the growing costs of medical care associated with workplace injuries and the prevalence of fraud. The legislation was approved by the state Legislature last month, but was…

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Auto Insurance in California – What you need to know

California auto insurance

California has stringent requirements when it comes to car insurance. As of 2006, drivers must provide proof of financial ability to cover the expenses related to a motor vehicle accident. Any uninsured vehicle will be impounded immediately and in addition to the expenses related to impounding the car, the driver will receive a large fine. Drivers are also financially liable for any accident in which they are involved. Providing proof of financial ability can take one of several forms in California. Drivers can provide the state of California with a…

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Judge offers bad news to Toyota owners over “economic loss” claims

In Santa Ana, California, U.S. District Judge, James Selna, announced that the owners of Toyota who have been seeking to recover their losses in the value of their vehicles are unable to pursue such claims according to the state’s law, during Wednesdays ruling. Toyota owners said that the value of their vehicles have dropped due to the acceleration problem that has caused several deaths in the past. This setback has become quite a problem for the Toyota owners, as the state of California consumer protection laws would have normally given them…

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