Blue Cross claims Ford’s health insurance lawsuit was filed too late

Health insurance - Ford logo - lawsuit

According to the insurer, the automaker took too long to file the suit accusing them of conspiracy. Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and that health insurance company’s Michigan affiliate are seeking to have a US judge dismiss a lawsuit filed against them by Ford Motor Co. Ford accused the insurer of an artificial inflation conspiracy for how much the automaker paid in premiums. The automaker stated that the insurer was recording higher health insurance premiums and other commercial medical coverage services expenses that were being paid. The lawsuit included two…

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A health care crisis brewing in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s adultBasic health insurance program is in danger if being terminated as it faces steep shortfalls in funding. The program is one of the few entirely state-funded insurance programs that cater to low-income adults and families that do not qualify for Medicaid. Currently, 42,000 people are covered by the program, with another 500,000 on the waiting list, hoping to get coverage. If the program is terminated, they will have no insurance until the Medicaid program is expanded in 2014. AdultBasic has been facing complications since last year and the program…

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