Auto insurance shoppers using Firefox find cheaper rates

Auto insurance customer satisfaction falls in US

Depending on the web browser you use, you could be paying more or less for your coverage. While a web browser may appear to have very little to do with auto insurance rates, a recent study has shown that the choice consumers make regarding the browser that they use can often determine how much they will pay for the same amount of coverage. A recent analysis comparing rates obtained and browser revealed some striking patterns. The study was conducted in honor of National Insurance Day, which fell on June 28,…

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Auto insurance trend shows decrease in consumer shopping

Auto Insurance News

J.D. Power and Associates has reported that among those who are shopping, many will switch. The latest J.D. Power and Associates report has just been issued, revealing that while the percentage of auto insurance customers who are shopping for coverage has dropped to its lowest point in six years, the percentage of those who are checking out what’s available to them will switch insurers in half of the cases. The number of shoppers who are changing their insurers has reached a six year high. The report is called the J.D.…

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New report identifies auto insurance preferences of consumers

Insurance News

QuinStreet study reveals shopping habits and purchasing expectations. Vertical marketing and media online leader, QuinStreet, Inc., has released a report detailing the outcomes of its auto insurance shopping study that examined the preferences of consumers. The Insurance Buyer Insight Study identified the most important elements to decision making. Price was found to be the most influential factor in choosing an auto insurance policy to purchase. This finding was further supported by the answers of the respondents to a question regarding the primary reason that they were comparison shopping for policies.…

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