Insurance marketing display ads are more effective than television

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A recent report has shown that they are nine times more effective in terms of brand awareness. As insurance marketing techniques are being considered, a recent discovery made by Rocket Fuel might help insurers to make the most effective choices for their needs when their goals are to boost their brand awareness. The research determined that display advertising is nine times more successful than television. Within the research, Rocket Fuel found that digital display advertising for insurance marketing is much better at forming immediate brand awareness for life and auto…

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Auto insurance no more popular following celebrity ads

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The industry has spent billions on actors and athletes, but it has made little difference for boosting sales. A recent report by McKinsey & Co. has revealed that while American auto insurance companies spent billions to include professional athletes and famous actors in their ads, but when all was said and done, they had little to show for it. There appears to have been a virtual race to generate the best marketing over the last ten years. The auto insurance companies in the country have increased their marketing spending by…

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Auto insurance company cuts Martin Clunes from its campaigns

Martin Clunes auto insurance

The actor, known for “Men Behaving Badly”, was dropped after being banned from driving. Martin Clunes has been dropped from the campaigns of Churchill auto insurance following a court decision that has banned him from being allowed to drive. The actor has been seen in the insurer’s ads since December 2011. The commercials, that featured Clunes next to a nodding dog, will no longer include the actor from Men Behaving Badly. This makes him only the most recent celebrity to have been dropped by the auto insurance company. The voice…

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