Auto insurance company cuts Martin Clunes from its campaigns

Martin Clunes auto insurance

Martin Clunes auto insuranceThe actor, known for “Men Behaving Badly”, was dropped after being banned from driving.

Martin Clunes has been dropped from the campaigns of Churchill auto insurance following a court decision that has banned him from being allowed to drive.

The actor has been seen in the insurer’s ads since December 2011.

The commercials, that featured Clunes next to a nodding dog, will no longer include the actor from Men Behaving Badly. This makes him only the most recent celebrity to have been dropped by the auto insurance company. The voice of the Churchill dog had been provided by Vic Reeves, for a span of five years. This ended in 2005 when the comedian was charged with driving drunk. This is not a rare occurrence in the insurance industry, or in the vehicle advertising business.

Clunes said that he understood why the auto insurance company chose to let him go.

He said that he understood that an auto insurance firm would not consider it to be appropriate to use an actor in its advertising when he had accumulated 12 points worth of speeding offenses on his driver’s license. He knew that this was not the image that the company is seeking to project.

A spokesperson for the auto insurance company said that “Martin Clunes recently informed Churchill Insurance that his driving license has been suspended after he accumulated penalty points for four speeding offences.”

The spokesperson went on to explain that the auto insurance company “currently has no adverts with Martin Clunes on air and will be moving forward with new advertising in the New Year.” At the same time, no future actors or stars have been identified for featuring in any upcoming campaigns for the insurer.

Churchill auto insurance is known for the celebrities that it uses as the face of its company, having previously worked with Roy Walker, Rolf Harris, Ricky Hatton, and Melanie Sykes, among others. Clunes is currently living with his family in Dorset is the latest one to be added to the list, and, based on the previous advertising techniques and trends used by the company, is certain to be followed by many more.

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