Quality of medical care depends on where health insurance comes from

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Studies highlight the difference between public and private insurance coverage Cancer patients receiving coverage through the federal Medicaid program may not be receiving quality medical care, according to three recent studies. The studies highlight the medical care that patients with different forms of cancer receive from the doctors associated with their Medicare networks. Notably, the studies found that those receiving coverage through the private market receive a higher quality of care than those on Medicaid. The studies were presented to the American Society of Clinical Oncology during an annual meeting…

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Cancer insurance may be a vital tool for the young

Cancer health Insurance Coverages

Appropriate insurance coverage could be a powerful weapon in the fight against cancer Insurance coverage may be a very powerful tool in the fight against cancer, according to a new study from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Conventional health insurance does not typically include coverage for cancer of any kinds. This coverage most often exists as supplemental insurance and must be purchased separately from a primary insurance policy. The study shows that young adults that have been diagnosed with cancer, but have insurance coverage, tend to recover or live longer…

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