Health insurance rates on the rise in Alaska

Alaska health insurance

Insurance companies file for rate increases on individual policies sold in the state Health insurance companies in Alaska have filed for significant increases in premiums for the coverage that they offer for individual, non-subsidized coverage. State law tasks the Alaskan Division of Insurance with regulating rate increases, and the agency has, thus far, granted approval for rate increases averaging 37%. Rate increases will affect policies that go active in January 2015 and these rate increases will affect policies sold through the state’s health insurance exchange. Division of Insurance comes under…

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Health insurance rates set to rise in Alaska

health insurance deadline enrollment

Policies sold through Alaskan health insurance exchange will become more expensive next year Premiums for policies sold through the Alaskan health insurance exchange are expected to rise in 2015. The exchange has served as a place for Alaskan residents to find the insurance coverage they need at an affordable rate. Next year, however, the affordability of some insurance policies is likely to decrease as insurers raise rates on the coverage that they provide. Two of Alaska’s largest insurance provides have announced plans to raise premiums beginning next year. Insurers seek…

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