Health insurance rates set to rise in Alaska

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Policies sold through Alaskan health insurance exchange will become more expensive next year

Premiums for policies sold through the Alaskan health insurance exchange are expected to rise in 2015. The exchange has served as a place for Alaskan residents to find the insurance coverage they need at an affordable rate. Next year, however, the affordability of some insurance policies is likely to decrease as insurers raise rates on the coverage that they provide. Two of Alaska’s largest insurance provides have announced plans to raise premiums beginning next year.

Insurers seek to raise rates on 2015 policies by an average of 30%

The two insurers intend to raise rates of the coverage they sell through the state’s exchange by an average of 30%. For some, rates will rise by a greater percentage, due to existing health issues and the cost of medical care. Others will see the price of their insurance coverage rise by a more modest percentage. In general, those that rarely use their insurance coverage see their rates grow at a slower rate, depending on numerous factors, including the cost of medical care.

Politicians may use the faults of the Affordable Care Act to their advantage in the future

health insurance enrollmentThe fact that health insurance rates are on the rise may be a problematic issue for some politicians. Those that have supported the Affordable Care Act have often praised the law’s potential to make insurance coverage significantly less expensive than it had been in the past. For some, insurance coverage has only become more expensive due to the law’s provisions. While the Affordable Care Act has helped make insurance coverage more accessible, the fact that rates continue to rise throughout the country has become a point of contention among consumers.

Exchanges may see a great deal of political fallout in the coming months

The Affordable Care Act is likely to be at the heart of many political battles in the coming months. Politicians may use the law’s failures as a platform for their campaigns. Insurance exchanges are likely to receive a great deal of attention in political contests due to their faults, many of which have not yet been resolved.

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