Alabama auto insurance fines hit hard, even when renewing one day late

Alabama auto insurance - Fines - Money

The state has skyrocketed its fines for motorists who allow their vehicle coverage to lapse. Alabama auto insurance fines are heading skyward and drivers who allow their policies to lost – even for a single day – are about to suffer an unpleasant shock. The penalty for allowing a policy to lapse, even for one day, is $200 under the new rules. Probate judge and Cleburne County Commission chairperson Ryan Robertson spoke during one of the commission’s work sessions last week. There, he explained to the attendees that Alabama auto…

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Alabama: A new bill to stop distracted drivers voted on

Republican Representative Jim McClendon is sponsoring a bill in the Alabama House that will make texting while driving an illegal offense. McClendon sponsored a similar bill last year, but the Senate voted it down. The Republican Representative is cautiously optimistic that the bill will be passed by this year’s Senate. Texting while driving, or talking on the phone, falls in the “distracted driving” category. This has become an issue severe enough that most states are starting campaigns to raise awareness about the seriousness of it. Pilot programs were done in…

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