Airline insurance for crashed AirAsia plane likely to be well over $100 million

AirAsia airline insurance plane

The jet is the third major airline accident that has happened in 2014, two of which have been in that part of the world. The AirAsia jet that had gone missing and that was recently found crashed in the sea off the coast of Borneo could bring about claims that will be at least $100 million, and this exposure will be placed on Allianz SE, which is the reinsurer for the airline insurance. Tragically, the flight had 162 people on board when it went missing off the Indonesian coast. Allianz…

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Airline insurance becomes more affordable with reduced crashes

airline insurance war risk policy

These companies will benefit from lower rates that are possible because the claims have become less expensive. For the third year in a row, the premiums for airline insurance are on their way down as the direct result of increased insurer competition and reduced incidences of crashes so that claims stay low. In fact, claims have fallen by a considerable 20 percent within the last year, making coverage less costly. According to a report from Aon Risk Solutions, the claims for airline insurance fell last year by 20 percent, to…

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