High deductible health insurance policies are becoming more common among consumers

health insurance costs subsidies

Many consumers show favor for high deductible plans because of the money they can save on premiums More consumers are beginning to favor high deductible health insurance plans, especially as employers begin shifting insurance costs to workers. High deductible plans have proven interesting to consumers because they have lower monthly premiums. Cost has been an issue that has prevented many consumers from purchasing health insurance policies. With premiums on the rise, many people are looking for ways to keep their costs down, and high deductible policies may be the best…

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Health care survey shows workers often make poor coverage decisions

open enrollment 2012

The open enrollment window is approaching, but many employees won’t make the right choices. According to a health care survey conducted by Aflac, many people either don’t understand the benefits that they have, or they’re not putting in the necessary effort to learn about their coverage in the first place, and this could lead them to make poor decisions when the open enrollment season begins. A significant amount of money is wasted every year due to this lack of attention. According to the Aflac vice president of corporate services, Audrey…

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Medicare is just not enough for senior citizens

With most U.S. senior citizens carrying Medicare the well used system has its pitfalls, leaving many worrying about coverage. Democrats have recently stated that they would not allow the Republicans to cut the funding to Medicare and its beneficiaries. However, even with this possibility, Medicare just is not enough for senior citizens. Supplemental health insurance is given to many senior citizens in order to close the gap and pay less. More often than not, getting health insurance can be rather confusing, as well as expensive. Thankfully, though, there are special…

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AFLAC, strong ties to Japan business

As the numbers keep rising on the estimate of losses in Japan, so do the growing concerns regarding the financial stability of insurance companies that were heavily vested there. One company, in particular, had at least three-quarters of their overall business in Japan. AFLAC, a top performing, Fortune 500 company, insures two of the largest insurance buyers in the world; the United States, and Japan. AFLAC sells supplemental health (GAP) insurance, life insurance and cancer insurance. Even though they don’t have property coverage in Japan, when the Earthquake and Tsunami…

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