Obamacare boosts health insurance coverage by 20 million

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President Barack Obama has announced that the uninsured rate among Americans has reached record lows. Obamacare has been a law for six years now, and during that time, 20 million people under the age of 65 have obtained some level of coverage, brining the rate of uninsured Americans down to a low that has never seen before in the country. The latest data from the Obama administration shows 2.4 million more people became insured since the fall. The speech was given by the president while he was in Milwaukee, where…

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Over half of current individual plans aren’t up to the 2014 health care reform standards

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Most of the medical coverage being sold to individuals are falling short of the “essential benefits” requirements. Over half of all Americans who have purchased their coverage through the individual insurance marketplace currently have policies that are not up to the health care reform essential benefits standards. Equally, the majority of employer group medical plans have less cost sharing and more comprehensive coverage. The issue at hand is that although the Affordable Care Act, which will go into full effect in January 2014 as long as it is not overturned…

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