Super Bowl insurance commercial starring Lindsay Lohan scores big

Esurance lindsay lohan super bowl insurance commercial

The troubled actress poked fun at her bad history behind the wheel for big laughs in an Esurance ad.

As was reported at the end of January on Live Insurance News, Lindsay Lohan starred in an insurance commercial that was played during the Super Bowl, and unlike the ads put out by other insurers during Super Bowl XLIX, this one was very well received.

The actress has a reputation as being a very hazardous driver, making her perfect for the role in this ad.

Esurance, an insurer owned by Allstate, ran an insurance commercial during the Super Bowl that used Lindsay Lohan’s well publicized past as a reckless driver to share their message in a way that had television viewers laughing, tweeting, and sharing over social media. This is part of a broader effort being made by the actress to rebuild her reputation and step away from being known exclusively as a wild-child.

Lohan boosted attention to this insurance commercial by posting on Facebook and Twitter ahead of the airing.

Esurance lindsay lohan super bowl insurance commercialShe posted “So you may have heard something about me being in an #ad for Esurance … well, it’s #sorta true …”, helping to make certain that fans would be paying close attention when her insurance ad ran. That they did. The spot showed the actress driving a beat-up car as she swerved all over the road, only to pull up in front of two boys who were waiting to be picked up after school.

One of the boys mistook Lohan for the mother of the other one, which the other quickly denied. That said, Lohan lowered the window and said “Hey, I’m sorta your mom,” adding that “We’re both 25-35 years old, we’re both women on the go, and we’ve both clocked a lot of miles, believe me.” She finally stated “Whatever, I’m outta here,” before swerving back onto the road, her muffler dragging behind as sirens could be heard in the distance.

The “Sorta you isn’t you,” message that was displayed on the screen at the end of the $4.5 million, 30-second insurance commercial made it very clear that the brand claims not to generalize when it comes to its policyholders. It is estimated that over 100 million viewers saw the ad.

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