San Francisco seeks to help residents acquire health insurance coverage

California Health Insurance

City is working to address the lack of insurance coverage among consumers

Consumers in San Francisco, California, are finding it difficult to afford their health insurance coverage. The city is notorious for its high cost of living, which has lead many people to forgo acquiring insurance coverage. They are also avoiding seeking medical care or taking advantage of free services that are intended for the poor. Notably, a significant portion of these consumers are eligible for subsidies from the federal government that help cut down the cost of health insurance coverage, but they still do not make enough money to actually pay for this coverage.

Residents are finding it difficult to afford health insurance policies

City officials have taken note of the fact that many people still lack health insurance coverage. In many cases, consumers make too much money to qualify for California’s Medi-Cal program. They also make too much to be able to use San Francisco’s own Healthy San Francisco program and they cannot afford the coverage that they find through Covered California, the state’s health insurance exchange. In order to address this issue, San Francisco has decided to expand health insurance support.

City expands Healthy San Francisco program

California Health InsuranceThe city has begun to offer a new, subsidized insurance plan through the Healthy San Francisco program. This insurance plan is meant to ensure that more people have access to the coverage that they need. The city is also expanding the program, helping more consumers find affordable policies through Covered California. Through the new Bridge to Coverage program, city officials predict some 3,000 people will be able to acquire coverage that they were not able to afford previously.

Cost of health insurance is going up for many throughout the country

While the Affordable Care Act has ensured that several million people throughout the United States have been able to acquire the coverage that they need, the cost of health insurance has also been growing. Consumers are facing higher premiums for 2016 coverage, as well as high co-pays and deductibles. Even with government subsidies, many people are finding its difficult to afford the coverage they need.

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