Veterinary practices improving perception of pet insurance

Pet insurance - Coverage and care

The results of a recent survey show that the change in perception has gone in a positive direction.

Consumers have undergone a shift in their perception of pet insurance when it comes to veterinary practices, and it has gone in a positive direction according to a survey conducted by Pawlicy Advisor in conjunction with AAHA.

The research was conducted to better understand veterinarian perception of this type of coverage.

The survey from Pawlicy Advisor looked into the way veterinary professionals perceived pet insurance. The respondents to the survey were given a number of statements, to which they were asked to rate their level of agreement. What the responses revealed was that team members at veterinary clinics overwhelming feel that the coverage provides owners with a range of benefits.

Pet insurance - Veterinarian care

Among those benefits includes facilitating improved patient care, reducing stress, promoting growth of the practice, and support to veterinary medicine as a whole.

While many surveys focus on the opinion of animal owners regarding this type of coverage, this new survey looked at what veterinary professionals think of these policies.

The research shows that veterinary teams see a spectrum of advantages to pet insurance coverage.

Among the respondents, 92 percent felt that this type of coverage can help to make sure animal owners can choose the best care possible. The reason is that owners are not required to choose between the health of their furry family member or the health of their family’s finances. Without a financial barrier to care, they can decide on what is best for the health of the animal.

Eighty-nine percent of the respondents also felt that stress and anxiety was reduced among animal owners when it came to the cost of veterinary care. This was due to the peace of mind they had in knowing that if expensive care were to be necessary, they would be covered. As a result, the experience between the client and veterinary team is more relaxed and positive overall.

Among veterinary professionals, 56 percent view pet insurance in a positive way. Moreover, 42 percent of respondents said that it was a topic of discussion with clients often or very often.

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