Pet insurance customers often don’t realize they have this coverage

Pet insurance - coverage for animals

Many animal owners would see even greater value in the policies they already have if they knew.

Pet insurance policyholders know that when they purchase this coverage, they are helping to make sure they don’t have to cover the entire expense related to many potential health issues a cat or dog could experience throughout their lifetimes. That said, many people don’t realize just how much coverage they really have.

It’s common to think of these policies as quite the expense, but their value rises with understanding.

Emergency veterinary visits are often considered to be the type of issue covered by a pet insurance policy, but many agents are discovering that their customers aren’t aware of how broad reaching coverage can be.

Pet insurance - veterinary visit

While all policies are different, many will offer various forms of coverage outside of accidents and emergencies. The best agents will take the time to point out these additional types of coverage to their customers in case it ends up benefitting them at some point during the animal’s lifetime.

Consumers are advised to take a closer look at just what is included in their policy, so they know what is available to them, what is excluded, but also what they might otherwise have overlooked.

There are three main areas of pet insurance most commonly missed by policyholders.

The coverage is available at a relatively affordable cost, depending on the breed, age, sex, and overall health of the animal, including existing conditions. With a good quality policy, reimbursement is possible for a broad spectrum of different types of expenses. While these include injuries, accidents and emergency medical conditions, this can also include treatment of chronic illnesses and other ongoing expenses.

That said, there are three areas typically overlooked by pet insurance policyholders that could be enjoying far more value from their policies. According to a recent CBS News report, these include coverage for dental issues, some kinds of alternative medicine, and even separation anxiety treatments. The last point on that list has become particularly beneficial as people go back to work after having worked remotely throughout the pandemic. Consumers are reminded to take a closer look at exactly what their policies provide, and when in doubt, to ask.

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