Older consumers in Minnesota claim to have been scammed by state’s health insurance exchange

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Consumers worry that they have turned over assets unintentionally

Some residents of Minnesota claim to have been scammed through the state’s health insurance exchange. The consumers are all either 55 or older and claim that they have been tricked into turning over assets while signing up for the coverage that they need. Consumers have been using the state’s insurance exchange, called MNSURE, to find policies, but some have reported problems when enrolling in the exchange system. The group of consumers claiming they have been scammed may face significant financial pressure in the near future.

Medical Assistance program is a cause for concern among older consumers

Julie Gelle, aged 62, is one of those that claims they were taken advantage of through the state’s exchange. Gelle had used the exchange marketplace to sign up for coverage but found that Minnesota must recover the health care costs paid to those receiving Medical Assistance (MA). The MA program is managed by the state’s Department of Human Services and the program puts a lien on an estate that becomes active in the event of the death of the MA recipient. For Gelle, this lien stands at $16,000. Others are seeing higher liens, which could have a major financial impact on their families in the future.

Senator seeks to end the MA program’s estate lien provision

Minnesota Health InsuranceThe Department of Human Services recovered some $34 million through this lien last year. The agency notes that information concerning the MA lien is posted on enrollment applications for those looking for coverage through the state’s insurance exchange. The estate lien associated with the MA program has become somewhat controversial among older consumers. Senator Tony Lourey intends to introduce new legislation next month that seeks to remove the estate lien provision from the MA program.

Funds recovered from estate lien are meant to help cover the costs of health care

According to the Department of Human services, the estate lien is necessary. The funds recovered through this lien is funneled into the state’s general fund and is meant to help cover the costs associated with health care services. Consumers worry that their families will suffer a severe financial blow in the event of their death, which may have an impact on the health insurance market in the future.

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