New long term care benefit available to Prudential customers

Long Term CarePrudential Insurance has announced that its long term care coverage products will now include a benefit that offers a program providing personalized, high quality guidance to help them to achieve independent living through a single integrated source.

This benefit is known as the Univita Living program, which was created by Univita Health, and is built on a foundation of significant knowledge and research from professionals with significant experience in health and long term care.

What the program provides is the ability for families and individuals to locate, coordinate, and manage their needs for living independently. Members from the program have several different services available to them, including various forms of assessment for identifying the needs of individuals on many levels, as well as providing access to a resource library, and placing over 200,000 qualified providers of service and care into direct reach.

Moreover, the program also gives policyholders a form of private social network, which allows caregivers and family members to work together and share their knowledge and observations in real-time, regarding the care received by a loved one. This can work to eliminate many of the communication gaps that can exist in the coordination of care.

According to Prudential’s vice president of long-term care insurance, Malcolm Cheung, “We are dedicated to offering our policyholders access to programs that help maximize their ability to remain independent and age with dignity.” He explained that by adding this new program to the services that they offer, they are enhancing their mission in a highly effective way.

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