Nationwide and Allied Insurance team to respond to natural disasters in Southeastern U.S.

Insurance IndustryNationwide and Allied Insurance are coming together to provide policyholders with quick assistance in the wake of natural disasters that have come to the Southeastern U.S. In the past year, residents of Southeastern states have been inundated with storms, tornadoes and floods. These disasters have caused extensive damage to homes and businesses and put severe strain on the economy of the region. Insurers hold out hope that 2012 will not be a retelling of the previous year in terms of catastrophes, but recent storms have shaken that hope.

The two insurers are mobilizing claims representatives and insurance agents to the region in an effort to assist consumers with their needs. Claims are still coming in for the events of last year, and with more claims coming from recent disasters, insurers are looking to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Consumers can easily be overwhelmed with the extent of damage done to their homes or businesses, which can delay the claims process as they attempt to grasp the breadth of the issue. Nationwide’s director of catastrophe claims operations Ken Enscoe believes that these delays could lead to more damage, especially for issues concerning floods. According to Enscoe, the first 24-48 hours after a flooding event are crucial in order to mitigate further complications. Ensuring that claims are produces and processed quickly could help both consumer and insurer avoid further costs.

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