New Insurance Commissioners Elected For 2010– Others Will Be Appointed

New Insurance Commissioners Elected For 2010– Others Will Be Appointed

In California, Georgia, Kansas and Oklahoma City the votes are in!

Many don’t realize there are actually 11 positions, nationwide, that will fill the role of insurance commissioner, but only four of them are elected by the people. The others are actually appointed by the new Governor elect.

As it stands the voters have selected these four for 2010 office:

California: Assemblyman, Dave Jones – Democrat
Prior to his election for the city council, he worked for six years as a legal aid attorney. He’s best acknowledged for passing a law in 2010 which gave the California Department of Insurance the capability to regulate pet insurance, requiring pet insurance organizations to adhere to the same laws and regulations as other insurance companies do.

Georgia: Senator, Ralph T. Hudgens – Republican
Hudgens, a small business proprietor and former House Republican representative (elected in 1996), has been in the state Senate since in 2002. He has worked as chairman of the Insurance and Labor Committee as well as vice chairman of the Banking and Financial Institution.

Oklahoma City: John Doak – Democrat
A former insurance agent in addition to executive from Tulsa, overcome Democratic incumbent Kim Holland to become Oklahoma’s future insurance commissioner. Doak opposes the new federal health care regulation and also stressed his two decades within the insurance business.

Kansas: Insurance Commission, Sandy Praeger – Republican
Had won in August, securing her placement as insurance commissioner in the 2010 election race for yet an additional term. She was initially voted into office as the Insurance Commission back in 2003 and has held the office since that time.

For your state’s new insurance commissioner check out the Governor elect and their particular final decision.

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