New auto insurance legislation may undermine the insurance industry in Minnesota

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American Insurance Association opposes new legislation proposed in Minnesota

New legislation in Minnesota may change the way auto insurance is regulated in the state and it has received opposition from the American Insurance Association (AIA). AIA Midwest region vice president Steve Schneider has provided testimony to the Minnesota State Senate Commerce Committee, highlighting the fact that the AIA is opposed to the legislation taking hold. The organization has expressed concern that the legislation would completely rework state law without taking into account how this would affect the solvency of the insurance industry.

Legislation could introduce new financial requirements for insurance providers

The legislation was introduced last week after several years of debate concerning reforms for the insurance industry. The legislation does not include any of the solutions that were discussed during that time, according to Schneider. The provisions of the legislation call for the retroactive redistribution of funds coming from insurance customers in an effort to protect their financial wellbeing in the event of a car accident. Schneider suggests that these provisions do not take into account how they will affect the insurance industry’s financial ability to serve consumers.

Insurers must be able to continue operating as businesses in order to effectively serve customers

auto insurance ridesharingSchneider notes that insurers operate as businesses. If they do not have the financial ability to continue serving as businesses, they will not be able to pay claims. Schneider also notes that, in order for insurers to stay in business, they must meet the demands coming from their customers while also navigating a strict regulatory landscape. The legislation may bring these two important points into conflict, hindering insurers as a business and limiting their ability to adequately serve customers.

Reworking the provisions of the new legislation may be an adequate solution to the problem

The AIA is urging for the rejection of the legislation or, at the very least, a reworking of its provisions. Forcing insurers to retroactively redistribute premiums could undermine the insurance industry in the state. The AIA is committed to continue communicating with state lawmakers to find an adequate solution to the issue.

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