Nationwide joins to offer auto insurance to the UK

Online, one of the largest price comparison sites serving the insurance industry in the UK, has announced that Nationwide Insurance has joined its panel of insurers. The company, which boasts of being one of the largest property insurers in the U.S., also has an expansive line of auto insurance products. These products will be submitted to the website where they will be subject to comparisons of policies offered by other companies. Jeremy Moll, commercial director for, hopes that consumers will have a broader understanding of the differences in price offered by insurance companies around the world.

The website has long been a place where consumers can find information regarding insurance policies from many different companies. The site does not only specialize in auto insurance, but Nationwide has only submitted its auto insurance policies to be included in the site’s comparisons. Those purchasing insurance products through the site will also receive a meerkat toy that comes from the site’s successful marketing campaign that was launched earlier in the year.

Nationwide’s inclusion to the site will grant consumers greater flexibility in finding policies that match their needs. For some, Nationwide’s policies will be a welcome change to those already offered through The company is confident in its ability to compete with other insurers that are included in the site, and believes that consumers will respond well to the wider variety of insurance products now at their disposal.

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