Motorcycle Awareness Month reminds riders to ride safely

Motorcycle Awareness Month - Person going through test

May is an important time for riders to remind themselves of their safety habits as the warm weather begins.

Motorcycle Awareness Month is more than halfway through, and it is offering riders a reminder that riding safe and smart are the best ways to enjoy their time on the road.

Education and awareness are the top tools for making sure riders are keeping safe on the road.

For Motorcycle Awareness Month, Delaware Governor John Carney and the state’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) have teamed up with the state Office of Highway Safety (OHS) to encourage riders to be aware and educate themselves about new ways to be smart and safe. As is the case every year from April through November, the DMV in that state offers riders six different safety courses based on skill levels. These include an instructor-level course for people who want to be a certified RiderCoach with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Motorcycle Awareness Month - Person who passed test

Among the course benefits include professional training and as much as 15 percent off motorcycle liability insurance premiums. Moreover, those who graduate from the course don’t have to take a DMV motorcycle endorsement knowledge and road test for up to half a year.

Motorcycle Awareness Month reminds riders and drivers of the increased vulnerability of smaller vehicles.

“Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable to crashes, and as motorists, we need to be extra cautious, especially during warmer weather, and remember to share the road,” said Nicole Majeski, Secretary of Transportation.

“Our motorcycle safety courses teach riders so many skills, but the ultimate goal is for graduates to utilize everything they learn every time they go out for a ride. By working together, we can make our roadways safer for all,” explained Jana Simpler, director of the DMV.

As further Motorcycle Awareness Month incentive to take the DMV Rider Safety Course in 2023, anyone who does so will be automatically entered into a draw to receive a free four-digit license plate for their bike. There will be two drawings for this prize, the first of which takes place on July 23 for the riders who completed the course between March 17 and July 16. A second drawing will take place on November 15 for those who successfully completed the course on July 17 or later.

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