Mogix Announces Exclusive “Insane” Amazon Launch Deal of New Portable Battery Charger

Mogix portable battery charger

The initial release sale for this external phone charger has created quite a stir in the insurance sector.

On Monday, a company called Mogix send out an exclusive offer to subscribers of the newsletter from Live Insurance News, that offered readers their new portable battery charger at an insanely low price, and since then, the industry has been talking (possibly on well charged devices!).

The launch offer sold the external phone charger at a tiny fraction of its current sale price, let alone the retail price.

Readers of the Live Insurance News newsletter were offered a deal through which they could purchase the portable battery charger for $7.99, a price that was called “insane” by some, considering that it was more than three times cheaper than the current sale price of the device at Amazon, which is $25.99 (already a huge reduction from the regular price of $79.99).

While many jumped at the opportunity, it still left them asking why Mogix would practically give their product away. Critics of the promotion have said that this price point cannot be a part of a sustainable marketing strategy as no company could survive over the long term at that rate.

Mogix responded to their critics, saying that the portable battery charger is still available for $7.99, but for a” VERY limited time”.

Mogix portable battery chargerAt the time that this article was published, Mogix had announced that while their offer for the external power bank was still available, there was very little time left. There were 25 devices left in this offer, and they would be available for another 24 hours.

This deal is far too low for the company to keep going, but Angela Linders, a spokesperson from Mogix, explained that “We’ve just launched our new slim fit external battery charger and we’re using this insane deal as an incentive to generate a buzz in the insurance world, as well as to give business professionals a quality product. Once they’ve tried it out, we’re confident that they will love the experience and are hoping that they will share their thoughts and reviews on Amazon and with the company. Essentially, we’re looking for customer feedback.”

When asked why Mogix chose the insurance industry for their “insane” launch price offer of $7.99 for the portable battery charger, Linders explained that the fit seemed to be an obvious one. Agency owners and business professionals are on their smartphones all day doing business. In this, she was not at all off the mark. A recent Live Insurance News survey showed that 36 percent of respondents said that when it comes to technology, smartphones were “the most important for future business needs”. This was closely followed by tablets at 23 percent. Leading the way was still laptops, at 38 percent – all of which can be charged with the Mogix product that was advertised in this promotion.

About Mogix – In response the skyrocketing demand for mobile technology, California-based Mogix has now opened up their Amazon storefront. The company is already known for its 5 star customer service, its money back guarantee, and – more recently – for its spokes-dog, Mogix, a dog with a great attitude and a hip on-the-go lifestyle, which calls the company’s power bank product “Man’s New Best Friend.”

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