Mobile auto insurance honor handed to GEICO

Geico auto Insurance

An independent research firm has said that the insurer’s smartphone functionality tops the ranks.

According to Forrester Research, when it comes to mobile auto insurance functionality, GEICO is leading the way in the industry and is providing the best overall customer experience.

Considering the importance of smartphones and cell phones in our lives, this is an important statement.

Geico mobile auto InsuranceThe November 2013 report has been released by Forrester Research to include their 2013 U.S. Mobile Insurance Functionality Rankings. They determined that when it came to the performance of mobile auto insurance elements offered by some of the top insurers, it was GEICO that stood out in a series of different smartphone and tablet friendly categories. In fact, in the area of quotes over small screens, as well as policy management and information, the insurer received perfect scores.

The insurer also received top scores for the mobile auto insurance support for many device models.

The features that are offered to these device users were also a top scorer for GEICO. According to the senior vice president of the insurer, Greg Kalinsky, who is also the chief information officer, “Our customers have high expectations and we believe this top honor reflects that GEICO is focused on providing the absolute best mobile experience for our policyholders.”

The report, itself, was Forrester Research’s measurement of the effectiveness of the offerings made by the leading U.S. private passenger car insurers for meeting the needs of their customers who use smartphones and tablets. There were 26 different criteria that were taken into account in order to come up with the findings that were published in the report. The information was gathered from August through September 2013.

Among all of the companies that were considered by Forrester for this report, the only one to achieve a significant place above the very minimum mobile auto insurance functionality standards was GEICO. The fact that it actually achieved perfect scores in important areas such as policy information and policy management brought it to the point that Forrester referred to it as “the pocket auto insurer.” The next few years should be defining in terms of the competition that will build over this channel.

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