Mississippi challenge to Affordable Care Act dismissed

Health Care Reform

Health Care ReformAffordable Care Act challenge dismissed by federal judge

After the Affordable Care Act was upheld by the Supreme Court earlier this year, the 26 states opposing the federal health care law continued working to dismantle it while simultaneously complying with its provisions. Mississippi, however, was quick to file a follow up lawsuit challenging the law. This lawsuit managed to make its way to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, where federal judge Keith Starrett ruled that the challenge was “premature.”

Challenge ruled as premature

According to Judge Starrett, Governor Phil Bryant and other state officials and residents were too quick in challenging the Affordable Care Act after it had been upheld by the Supreme Court. Starrett dismissed the challenge without prejudice, allowing plaintiffs to pursue similar litigation regarding the manner at a future date. Mississippi officials already have plans to continue pursuing the matter, but these officials have received a significant amount of backlash from Judge Starrett and others concerning their hasty actions.

Officials concerned over medical privacy

Mississippi officials challenged the Affordable Care Act on a number of issues concerning privacy, constitutionality, and viability. There are strong concerns regarding the changes the federal law makes to the country’s health care system and health insurance industry, as well as the new regulations it introduces to govern both sectors. One of the chief complaints that Mississippi officials have concerning the law is a provision in which Americans are required to disclose medical information to insurance companies. Officials argue that this violates a person’s right to medical privacy, a concept that has been upheld by decades worth of judicial rulings.

Fate of Affordable Care Act still uncertain

Though the Affordable Care Act remains intact, it is still the subject of controversy and contention throughout the country. The Supreme Court has upheld the law, but its future is still uncertain due to the upcoming presidential elections. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has vowed to dismantle the health care law if he comes into office.

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