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They may be forced to pull the plug on Kile Glover due to coverage issues.

Kile Glover, stepson of Usher, is now making insurance news, as the family may be forced to take him off life support unless his medical bills are paid by another source.

Since the tragic accident on a Jet Ski, the boy has been on life support.

The most recent insurance news reports are indicating that while the insurer providing Glover’s policy is willing to maintain its payments for the expensive treatment, it will do so for only a couple of months.

Once the payments run out, Glover’s mother, Tameka Raymond, will be forced to pay for the care herself or find another source of payment. Otherwise, the risk will be that the plug will need to be pulled.

Usher will make insurance news headlines regardless of whether or not he offers financial support.

Though the specific type of coverage that Kile Glover carries has not been identified, what is known through insurance news sources, is that the insurer does have the right to cease the payments being made for continuing life support if the patient has been deemed brain dead.

This has stirred up a massive debate regarding whether or not this type of behavior can be considered fair. While some would argue that the practice is essentially stating that an individual is allowed to survive only if he or she is able to cough up the funds, others say that once a patient is brain dead, there is no life left to take away by unplugging the machines.

It is a painful circumstances that is faced by all too many families but that only occasionally makes insurance news. Most people cringe at the mere thought of it as they pray that they will never find themselves in the circumstance of either having to make the decision, or being the patients that force their own families to choose.

The official insurance news release has yet to be made regarding whether or not Kile Glover’s insurance company will actually stop its payments or whether it will step up to continue its support of Usher’s stepson. If the coverage does cease, though, this may not necessarily mean that the hospital bills will no longer be paid.

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