RV insurance facts you should know before traveling to Mexico

rv insurance in mexico

What travelers should know as they prepare to take their trailers south.

This year, like every year, hundreds thousands of people renew their RV insurance to be able to continue driving their trailers throughout the warm summer months, and then turn south to keep up with the warm weather as it starts to cool.

However, if they intend to cross the border into Mexico, it is important to know the regulations.

Though this isn’t too complex, it does require a certain amount of attention to the RV insurance policy, and an understanding of the preparations that need to be made. Whether you want to head to a campground or a gorgeous beach, tourism in Mexico remains exceptionally high for travelers in motor homes – particularly over the last year or so – in areas such as the Yucatan, Jalisco, Baja, and Sonora.

What you do need to make certain is that your RV insurance coverage is valid in Mexico.

In most cases, you’ll need to buy a policy that is specific for your travelers there. Unfortunately, at first glance, it can appear that the cost of RV insurance policies is startlingly high. A few months visiting the neighbor to the south can often cost twice as much as a full year of premiums in the United States.

One good way to help to keep costs under control is to check with an RV club. Many of these organizations have partnered with insurers in Mexico in order to keep the cost down with group rates. That said, there are some other methods of finding cheap RV insurance, as well. For example, there are some specialty carriers within the United States that will sell a Liability policy through a Mexican Carrier, but will provide a Mexico Physical Damage Endorsement, themselves.

Typically speaking, depending on the carrier, an endorsement’s total cost per year for an American policy is somewhere in the range of $5 to $30. The cost of a policy providing only liability will generally cost around $150, depending on how much liability is purchased. There are several American companies that offer this type of RV insurance coverage, including some of the more well known national insurers.

Also, suggested is to talk to your family insurance agent for advise. Sometimes there is limited coverage on regular RV plans – as an example, they may allow for coverage within a certain amount of miles within the country. Always check with a broker or agent before your trip.

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