Insurance companies could be the driver Google Glass needs

Google Titanium augmented reality insurance company partnership

As the Titanium Collection is released, it looks like insurers may be the shot augmented reality glasses need.

So far, Google Glass has maintained a tiny appeal that is miles away from the mainstream, but recent trends have been indicating that insurance companies could actually be the driving force that these augmented reality glasses have required to make their way to the top of the popular wearables list.

Considering the current main demographic, it makes sense that Google Glass isn’t the norm just yet.

Google Titanium augmented reality insurance company partnershipAt the moment, the primary demographic of Google Glass users is wealthy techies who aren’t worried about how they look wearing rather nerdy looking sci-fi styled glasses while they’re out in public. However, this trend could be turned around completely as insurance companies start to take a look at what these augmented reality glasses have to offer.

Google has just entered into a partnership with VSP, the largest optical insurance company in the U.S.

This new partnership will help to make it possible for huge numbers of Americans to be able to walk into the office of a VSP-certified optometrist to receive an eye exam and select frames that will allow them to receive a prescription pair of augmented reality glasses from Google. This will instantly allow the head mounted connected computer to be able to make its way into the mainstream in the United States.

Whether or not this trend actually takes off as VSP and Google are hoping will depend on the actual consumer. Many will be closely watching the next wave of early adopters to see how many people will find that a small discount in the price tag is enough to convince them to buy the technology as a part of their eyeglasses prescriptions. If enough people are intrigued enough and are willing to pay the price, then it will help to broaden the number of people who use them and will, at the same time, drive the price downward.

Customers whose coverage is through the VSP insurance company will be able to choose from four different styles of subsidized, prescription augmented reality technology frames that have just been released by Google.

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