Insurance claims pouring in with Arthur rains

insurance industry claims

The Atlantic coast of Canada was pummeled with heavy downpours and high winds from the post-tropical storm.

insurance claimsThe insurance claims are already beginning to be filed in waves that were nearly as heavy as those off the coast following the rampage from post-tropical storm Arthur as it made its way through the Canadian Maritimes.

Agents are asking residents of the affected provinces to please be patient and review to their policy coverage.

The majority of homeowners insurance policies do cover wind damage, which does not fall under the definition of “acts of God”. Equally, before making insurance claims, it is still very important to actually review the policy and understand exactly what is and what is not covered, as well as how much coverage is in place.

Insurance claims can also be made on many home policies for debris removal in several circumstances.

Many agents are reminding their customers that it isn’t uncommon for policies to include the cost associated with the removal of debris if a home, fence, or shed on the property has been struck, even if no damage can be detected yet. This is available because it is not uncommon for damage to be uncovered only after debris has been removed.

That said, if debris removal does not involve uncovering parts of the home or other structures on the property, then it is normally not covered. Also not covered by a homeowners insurance policy is damage to cars, even those that are parked in the driveway. Vehicles require their auto policies to protect them against damage.

As people who have made their insurance claims wait for an adjuster to arrive, the vice president of the Insurance Bureau of Canada Atlantic, Amanda Dean, recommended that people take pictures of any damage that has occurred. She also stated that “if it is safe to do so,” those property owners can begin their cleanup process. Dean said that if it is possible, homeowners should also “protect the property from further damage. So, for example, board up holes, move items out of wet basements, and keep all receipts and expenses related to the clean up, because that will be part of your claim.”

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