Home insurance companies remind customers to use these tips to avoid claims

Home insurance - Tips for Consumers

Weather-related claims are high at this time of year, but insurers hope prevention will help.

Though springtime is still a few weeks away, the fluctuation of weather between winter and spring trends can cause issues that lead to damage and therefore home insurance claims.

With the addition of extreme weather events, this time of year can be particularly damaging.

Home insurance companies have been releasing tips to customers in the hopes that a bit of prevention will go a long way in reducing the risk of damage from the types of weather that can happen at this time of year.

Home insurance - Damage to house gutters

Across the country, this time of year can result in billions of dollars in property damage. This can be very expensive for insurers and homeowners alike. According to data released by the National Climate Assessment, Texas alone saw $375 billion in weather and climate disaster damage between 2018 and 2022.

Home insurance companies have released tips to help property owners to avoid those costs.

The top piece of advice insurers have to offer at this time of year typically has to do with gutters. The majority of home insurance claims made at this time of year have to do with the exterior of a home, such as its windows, roof, or around its foundation. Taking care of the gutters is one of the steps most available to homeowners and that can have a big impact as it helps to ensure that water is draining away from the roof, windows and building itself, sending it to where it is at a lower risk of causing damage.

Clogged gutters – either with debris or ice – can cause water to pool or spill over the gutter’s sides, sending it onto the roof, walls, and around its foundation. This is particularly problematic at this time of the year when the trapped or pooled water can freeze, thaw and freeze again, causing damage to the gutters themselves, let alone the rest of the house.

Roofs are another area that can lead to expensive damage. Roof repairs and replacements are certainly expensive, but a good one will typically last between 15 and 20 years and will prevent far more expensive damage to the rest of the house. By repairing or replacing a roof when needed, damage and claims can be avoided altogether. When taking into account that roof damage leads to about 20 percent of the issues in home insurance claims, maintaining a roof is an important recommendation from insurers.

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