Health insurance exchange in Connecticut gets some branding

Connecticut health Insurance

Connecticut Health Insurance ExchangeConnecticut officially names health insurance exchange

Connecticut is one of the few states that is working to build its own health insurance exchange. The state will operate this exchange itself, rather than have that authority fall to the federal government. The exchange is meant to help address many of the health insurance issues that exist in Connecticut, namely people’s access to affordable coverage. This week, state officials announced that the exchange has been given an official name and will now be called Access Health CT.

State-run exchange may be better suited for state residents

Health insurance exchanges are required in all states per the Affordable Care Act. Last week, the Department of Health and Human Services, the agency that is overseeing the enactment of the federal health care law, announced that half of the country’s states will not be building their own exchange systems. Connecticut decided to operate its own exchange shortly after the law was passed in 2010 and believes that having more control over the exchange will help it accommodate the needs of consumers.

System being designed to be consumer-friendly

Officials of Access Health CT are working to make the exchange as  consumer-friendly as possible. Officials note that many Connecticut residents have concerns regarding the cost and clarity of health insurance. As such, the policies that will be sold through the exchange, which are offered by private companies, will offer consumers the information they need to better understand the coverage they are purchasing. These policies will also be separated into several tiers, all based on the type of coverage that is being offered. Low-tier policies are meant to be considerably more affordable than those in higher tiers without sacrificing quality benefits.

Connecticut aims to expand access to health insurance

Consumers may be eligible for federal subsidies, which will help them pay for their coverage if they fall below the federal poverty level. The state is also working to expand its Medicaid program in order to further expand access to comprehensive health insurance coverage. Access Health CT will begin open enrollment in October this year and the policies sold through the exchange will go active on January 1, 2014.

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