Health insurance has become Walmart’s latest market

Walmart Health Insurance

The retail giant has made its next move to ensure that it will always have a finger in every pie.

The largest retailer in the world has now announced that it has intentions to begin working with, an agency and internet health insurance comparison website, in order to give its customers the chance to compare various comparison options, and either enroll in plans in the public exchange as created under the Affordable Care Act, or enroll in Medicare plans.

This is only the most recent step that Walmart has taken into the insurance industry.

The company has been wading evermore deeply into insurance marketing as it works to use its tremendous size in order to broaden its horizons beyond the sales of basics and foods throughout periods of the year in which sales and traffic are comparatively on the slow side. This move into health insurance may also help the company to compete against other large chains of drugstores, such as CVS and Walgreen, which have been rapidly building its offerings in terms of health care services.

The health insurance program is meant to target shoppers who have previously felt confused by the existing process.

Walmart health InsuranceWalmart has said that it is primarily focused on individuals who have found themselves confused or uncertain about the process for enrolling in their health plans. These include those who have previously had coverage through their employers but who have lost those plans or who have had them scaled back, as well as individuals who don’t have any insurance coverage at all. Customers in those positions will often visit exchanges and other types of kiosk that have been established by the government or by individual insurers, trying to have their questions answered.

The program has been named “Healthcare Begins Here.”Consumers are able to enroll online, at any of the 2,700 locations participating among over the 4,000 across the country, or by phone. This service will begin today. The participating store locations will have independent agents present in order to assist consumers with their health insurance questions and in finding the right plans for their needs.

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