Florida prepares to open its own health insurance exchange

Florida health insurance

Florida moves to open a state-run exchange

Florida may soon be operating its own health insurance exchange. The state has become a well known opponent of the Affordable Care Act , going so far as to seek the dismantling of the federal health care reform law through the Supreme Court as well as banning insurance navigators from working in the state. The state has missed its deadline to develop and operate a working exchange last year, meaning that a federal exchange has been set up for the state’s residents. Now, however, Florida Health Choices may soon be offering coverage.

Exchange finally shows signs of life after years of dormancy

Florida health insuranceFlorida Health Choices was first established through state law in 2008. Since then, however, little has been done in regards to developing the exchange. Most of Florida’s legislative focus has been committed to opposing the health care reform law, but the state has found little success in this endeavor. State officials suggest that allowing the federal government to manage the health insurance market is dangerous and claim that the state should have more authority over the market. As such, Florida Health Choices is preparing to open itself to the public.

State-run exchange will not compete with the federal government

There is no news concerning which of the state’s insurance companies will be providing coverage through the state-run exchange. Rose Naff, CEO of Florida Health Choices, claims that the majority of Floridians are not purchasing coverage through the federal insurance exchange. Instead, these people are purchasing coverage through the private market. Naff suggests that the state-run health insurance exchange will not be competing with the federal government when it comes to selling policies.

State-run exchange expected to become operational in early February

Naff anticipates that the launch of the state-run exchange is only “a few days” away. The exchange is expected to begin operation in early to mid-February and will provide subsidies for consumers that can help them acquire the insurance coverage they need. The state-run exchange is expected to operate in a similar fashion to exchanges in other states, with Florida officials keen to ensure that the federal government has little control over the exchange itself.

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