Enrollments in New York health insurance spike

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This year, there have been a large number of people who have purchased coverage in the state.

Since the start of this year, there has been a considerable increase in the number of people who have enrolled for New York health insurance through the state’s official exchange marketplace.

There are a number of reasons that New Yorkers seem to have jumped on board the coverage bandwagon.

Western New York Health-care Association president, John Bartimole, has stated that one of the primary reasons that there has been an increase in participation in New York health insurance is simply that people were either unaware or not comfortable with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act back when it was brand new. During its first year, people simply did not hear about the health care reform individual mandate, or they felt uncomfortable in using the exchange to sign up for their policies.

Now that people are more educated about New York health insurance processes, enrollments are kicking in.

health insurance company profitsBartimole explained that “I think the federal government and New York state government have done a good job educating people.” He also went on to add that “As far as we’re concerned in health care, the more people who have insurance, the better it is for everybody. The goal of course is to have no one going into a doctor’s office or a hospital lacking insurance.”

The insurance exchange in the state provides residents with the choice as to whether they would like to enroll in Medicaid, subsidized private coverage, unsubsidized plans, or Child Health Plus. In this way, NY State of Health Marketplace has been designed to work as a single resource for residents of the state regardless of their health insurance needs.

Among the residents of the state who have enrolled, 56 percent are from New York City, another 5 percent were from western New York, 15 percent were from the North Country and Capital regions, 12 percent were from Long Island, and 11 percent were from the Central region. All together, there have been an estimated 2.1 million new enrollments in New York health insurance.

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