Enrollments in New York health insurance spike

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This year, there have been a large number of people who have purchased coverage in the state. Since the start of this year, there has been a considerable increase in the number of people who have enrolled for New York health insurance through the state’s official exchange marketplace. There are a number of reasons that New Yorkers seem to have jumped on board the coverage bandwagon. Western New York Health-care Association president, John Bartimole, has stated that one of the primary reasons that there has been an increase in participation…

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Excellus of New York files for rate increases, cites soaring health care costs

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield of New York has approached state insurance regulators for approval to raise its health insurance rates. The proposal is planned to take effect next year and will impose a 19.5% increase on some of the policies in the state. The company says that the increase is necessary in order to keep up with soaring medical costs. This is the same reasoning that prevails amongst the majority of the nation’s health insurers, but the notion has yet to gain traction amongst lawmakers, who have been tasked…

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