Farmers unveils personalized direct to consumer insurance policies

Direct to Consumer Insurance - New Products for Home and Auto

The insurer announced the launch of the new line of customizable products for Mississippi customers.

Farmers Insurance has announced the launch of a new and completely customizable direct to consumer insurance line. These products are available to Mississippi residents.

Mississippi residents can use the insurer’s website to obtain fully customized coverage quotes.

The new range of direct to consumer insurance products in Mississippi lets residents across the state obtain quotes and purchase coverage personalized to their needs. The company is selling home, auto condo and renters’ products through this new model. The idea is to provide as customized an experience as possible with the coverage they provide their consumers.

Consumers have been showing an increasing interest in products that reflect their own unique needs and risk as opposed to paying premiums based on calculations of broader coverage and models. This helps to explain the rising popularity of auto insurance policies that provide drivers with discounts on their premiums based on their good driving habits.

The direct to consumer insurance product line also reflects the appeal of digital options.

Studies are nearly universally showing that many large demographics of consumers would prefer to be able to use self-service options online for many insurance related activities. Insurers have been accused of falling behind by offering too few opportunities for people to use their phones, tablets, or laptops to complete various tasks instead of having to phone or go to an agency in person.

“Reflecting our relentless focus on innovation and service, we are bringing Farmers digital-first options to Mississippi to provide consumers in the state with Farmers products and access to competitively priced policies right at their fingertips,” said Farmers Insurance president of personal lines Keith Daly. “This represents another significant step in our commitment to extend Farmers products and unbeatable customer support across the nation through and the Farmers Mobile App.”

Direct to Consumer Insurance - New Products for Home and AutoFarmers Insurance is using this direct to consumer insurance product strategy to build on the strength it has already established across the southern and western US states. By focusing on personalized products and digital access, it is seeking to benefit from a promising market opportunity.

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