Cosmetic surgery insurance claims way down as millions of procedures postponed

Cosmetic surgery insurance - Surgeons operating

Elective procedures have been delayed by weeks, months, or longer due to the pandemic.

Cosmetic surgery insurance claims have ground to a virtual halt as elective surgeries face massive postponement waits due to the pandemic crisis.

Hospitals are battling with months of backlog for surgeries to meet medical requirements.

Around the world, hospitals and clinics have had to cut back on the number of routine procedures they are able to perform in order to maintain patient and staff safety, said a report in the Economist. This measure was also taken to keep capacity under control in case of sudden waves of coronavirus patients. This has greatly reduced the number of cosmetic surgery insurance claims for elective procedures such as anti-aging.

While wait times for more urgent procedures spike, many parts of the world have frozen millions of medically elective cases. Since “medically elective” does not mean unimportant – though the term is often mistaken to mean as much – cosmetic procedures have been marked at the lowest priority level compared to certain other types of “elective” procedures such as some forms of biopsies, certain kinds of tumor removal, orthopedic and spinal procedures and even some types of transplant or cardiac surgeries.

As cosmetic surgery insurance claims plummet and wait times skyrocket, natural anti-aging has taken off.

Without surgical options available for the near future, many patients who would otherwise have gone under the knife to treat issues such as sagging skin, wrinkles and other signs of aging are looking into natural methods they may never have considered before or are boosting the skin care routines they already had in place. Healthy lifestyles and natural skin care have become a hot search on Google and a popular purchase category for online orders.

“Just because people aren’t going out as much doesn’t mean people want to sacrifice their skin and self care routines,” said Crystal Noble, owner and founder of Noble Naturals, a natural skin care company out of British Columbia, Canada. “Since the lockdowns, people have been turning to supplements for nutrition and immunity boosting, which also happen to have great results for the skin as it nourishes it from the inside out. People have also been forgoing tanning beds and opting for self tanning products which also helps to slow the skin’s aging process as it isn’t being exposed to UV rays.”

At the same time that Noble recommends well-formulated natural skin care, she also pointed out that avoiding the need for cosmetic surgery insurance claims can sometimes be as straightforward as preventing problems in the first place. She recommends the preservation and nourishment of youthful looking skin through a lifestyle of self care. “When looking for natural in-home options to prevent aging and achieve luminous skin you often don’t need to look further then your fruit bowl Cosmetic surgery insurance - Surgeons operatingor pantry. Avocados, bananas, honey, and lemons provide some incredible natural anti-aging benefits and can be used on both your hair and face,” she said.

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