Canada to make changes to unemployment insurance regulations

Unemployment insurance

Unemployment insurance

Unemployment regulations targeted by Conservative government

Employment insurance in Canada is undergoing some major changes. The government has announced changes to employment insurance regulations that are meant to address the high unemployment rates the country is facing currently. This unemployment rate is leading to a high payouts, which has put the government under a degree of financial stress. The government believes that these changes to insurance regulations will encourage the unemployed to accept lower-paying jobs or commute to more distant locations, which could get the unemployed back to work and off of the country’s unemployment insurance program.

Changes focused on encouraging the unemployed to find work

The majority of the insurance regulation changes concern payouts to the unemployed. These changes are meant to promote employment throughout the country by encouraging unemployed individuals to seek jobs that they may not be accustomed to. The regulations will reduce the amount awarded to the unemployed, a move that has drawn criticism from the opponents of the changes who believe they are too drastic for individuals. The changed are not focused solely on consumers, however.

Regulations designed to promote domestic employment over foreign employment

The new regulations take aim at employers throughout Canada. They are designed to encourage these employers to hire residents of Canada rather than outsource employees. Government officials note that the changes will address issues of balance in the employment sector. Human Resources Minister Diane Finley notes that unemployment claims are coming from citizens in areas where companies are hiring. These companies are only hiring foreign employees, however, which the government believes is a sign of the imbalance in the system.

Insurance changes subjected to criticism from opponents

According to the government, more than 550,000 individuals are receiving unemployment insurance benefits throughout the country. Canada currently boasts of more than 1.4 million unemployed, including those that quit their jobs voluntarily. The insurance regulation changes have garnered a great deal of opposition from both citizens and politicians, who claim that the changes will create too much trouble for the populace.

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