More Californians have access to health insurance coverage than ever before

California Health Insurance

Survey shows that insurance coverage is becoming more accessible

The number of Californians without health insurance coverage has dropped dramatically since the state’s insurance exchange began operating in October of last year. According to a survey released by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 60% of those that did not have insurance coverage before the exchange began accepting enrollees now have insurance coverage. Those that remain uninsured may be a problematic issue to deal with, however, when the exchange begins another open enrollment period in November of this year.

80% of those without insurance now have coverage thanks to state’s insurance exchange

The survey found that 80% of those that did not have insurance coverage had gone for two or more years without insurance. Approximately 37% of those people reported never having insurance in their life before. The survey suggests that the state’s health insurance exchange has accomplished one of its primary goals relatively effectively. The exchange was meant to expand the accessibility of insurance coverage to a wider range of consumers. Thus far, the exchange has been successful despite some technical difficulties in its early months.

Outreach programs prove successful in raising awareness of insurance options

California Health InsuranceOne of the barriers preventing consumers from acquiring insurance coverage is cost. While two-thirds of those that had no insurance coverage technically qualified for Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicaid program, very few people applied for coverage or sought out financial assistance from the federal or state government. Outreach initiatives have been instrumental in ensuring that consumers understand the insurance services that are available to them.

Affordable Care Act seems to be succeeding in endeavor to make insurance coverage more available

The Affordable Care Act has had trouble gaining support among consumers and lawmakers due to its politically controversial nature. The federal law has, however, managed to expand the availability of insurance coverage despite claims that suggested it would not be able to accomplish this feat. Altogether, the number of people that have received insurance coverage through exchanges is estimated to be more than 8 million by the Department of Health and Human Services.

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