Auto insurance frustration spawns new legislation in Connecticut

connecticut auto insurance

connecticut auto insuranceLawmakers continue to grow frustrated over lack of compliance with auto insurance laws

Connecticut lawmakers have been expressing frustration when it comes to the state’s ban on talking and texting on mobile devices while driving. The law is meant to cut down on activities that could distract drivers and cause accidents, but many drivers have chosen to ignore the law entirely. This has caused lawmakers to consider a more aggressive approach on the matter by highlighting the financial aspects of car accidents. Legislators believe that the prospect of higher auto insurance rates may be enough to dissuade motorists from using their smartphones and tablets while driving.

Insurers consider distraction to be a major problem

Much of the auto insurance industry considers distraction to be a significant problem for drivers. Distraction can lead to accidents that represent significant losses for auto insurance companies. In order to recoup these losses, insurers must raise rates on coverage, but most insurance companies are proactive rather than reactive and tend to base rates on numerous factors that may contribute to future accidents rather than basing them on accidents that have happened in the past. As such, anything that could be considered distracting to a driver is something that could be used to raise auto insurance premiums.

Financial pressure may be appropriate solution to problem

Legislators are now considering a bill that would add distracted driving violations to the state’s auto laws. The bill would make these violations readily available to auto insurance companies, which could use them to raise rates on coverage. Currently, drivers with violations are simply required to pay a fine to the state and insurance companies are not informed of these violations. The bill is expected to introduce the prospect of ongoing financial pressure to those that choose not to obey the law.

Bill receives strong support from lawmakers

The bill has received strong support from both Democratic and Republican leaders in the Connecticut Legislature. Despite this support, the future of the bill is still somewhat uncertain. Some lawmakers suggest that the state’s laws will have to be changed in order to make the definition of hand-held devices more accurate.