Allstate snowmobile insurance recommends safety first this winter

allstate snowmobile insurance

The insurer has issued a list of recommendations for machine riders before they hit the trails.

As the trails start to open in several northern states, Allstate snowmobile insurance has issued a number of recommendations. This advice has been made to snowmobile and ATV riders, alike. They have underscored the importance of safety when riding power sport vehicles in order to gain the best enjoyment out of this winter.

Allstate is reminding parents that supervision is crucial to child safety when snowmobiles are involved.

In many states, such as New York, there is a legal obligation for riders under the age of 16 years to be supervised at all times when riding power sport vehicles. Allstate snowmobile insurance agrees that using these vehicles is a lot of fun. However, if they are not operated safely, they can be very dangerous or even deadly.

The insurance company is hoping that riders this year will remember to ride smart in order to keep crashes to a minimum.

For this reason, Allstate snowmobile insurance has listed a number of points for safely using these vehicles.

allstate snowmobile insuranceAmong the points outlined by Allstate Insurance include:

• Knowing the hand signals for operating these vehicles. Communication effectively with other trail users is central to safe riding.
• Planning your riding route. Know with whom you will be riding, where you will be going and how long you will be gone. Let someone else know these plans and check in if you intend to change them.
• Use the small tool storage compartment for that purpose. Most manufacturers add a designated storage location in their machines for emergency tools. In most models, that is located inside the seat or just under the hood.
• Don’t cross rivers and lakes on your machine. Ice does not offer consistent thickness and is always considered dangerous. It considerably reduces traction and while it may appear solid, it is always shifting and fracturing. Spots that may appear completely safe can rapidly lead to a situation where your snowmobile cannot be supported and will break through the surface.

Allstate snowmobile insurance reminds riders to make certain that they have the right coverage before heading out. This should include bodily injury liability and property damage liability at the very least, as well as collision coverage and/or comprehensive coverage. In this way, even if the worst does happen despite your best efforts to avoid it, you will be financially protected.

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