Allstate Insurance has launched its “Out Holding Hands” campaign

Allstate insurance company

This LGBT outreach initiative is at the core of their support of LGBT Pride Month and the awareness it brings.

Allstate Insurance has joined up with musician Eli Lieb in supporting the LGBT community as a part of their celebration of LGBT Pride Month in their annual campaign called “Out Holding Hands.”

This year marks the third year of the “Out Holding Hands” initiative, which encourages love and friendship.

The purpose of the campaign is to encourage the spread of friendship and love with the LGBT community as well as its supporters. This can be demonstrated through public hand holding. Allstate Insurance has been very determined in its commitment to support the LGBT community and to assist in closing the acceptance gap.

Allstate Insurance has stated that it wants to be a part of the creation of a safer and accepting future.

Allstate insurance companyAccording to the Allstate vice president of marketing, Georgina Flores, “This is an important time for the LGBT community and Allstate wants to be part of creating a future where everyone can feel safe to show love and affection in public without judgment.” Flores added that the insurance company wants “to showcase our dedication in a way that elicits empowerment and action.”

The national insurance company is aiming to make holding hands a type of universally recognized symbol of solidarity. It is hoping to bring it not only into “real life” but also into the digital and social scenes. Allstate has been encouraging people to spread the love and acceptance through the digital sphere by virtually holding hands with each other.

Allstate Insurance has created an online interactive experience that is available through its website (, at which visitors can upload pictures of themselves when they are holding hands. This is meant to allow each person to add one more link to a chain that is hoped to make its way around the world. Once participants have joined the chain with their photos, they are also encouraged to reach out and take the hands of their friends and families over their social networks so that the chain will continue to grow.

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